Why Bamboo?

Performance Bamboo
In searching for the perfect performance fabric, bamboo was the ultimate natural fiber that started it all. Bamboo offers unparalleled comfort and performance when blended with quick-dry material.
Buttery-Soft Protection
 Don’t sacrifice comfort for protection. The ultra-fine bamboo yarn used in our fabrics feels ridiculously soft against your skin while delivering natural UV protection, with no added chemicals.
Breathable and Sustainable
 Bamboo fibers make our fabric blends more breathable than cotton, hemp, wool, or synthetic fabrics. It also stands out for being naturally odor-resistant, moisture-wicking, and renewable, grows rapidly with minimal water, and requires no pesticides or fertilizers.

From Plant to Product

How we make fabric out of bamboo.

Our bamboo is from China's northern forests and is grown on FSC certified regenerative farmland with minimal water and no pesticides or fertilizers.
Bamboo can grow up to 4ft per day. When harvesting, only the top part is taken to minimize replanting or soil erosion.
The soft inner layer (pith) is mixed with a natural solvent to breakdown the fiber into bamboo viscose.
Once the fiber is broken down into bamboo viscose, it can be spun into an ultra-fine yarn and blended with other materials to create custom fabrics.