Why Performance Fishing Apparel Is Important

Why Performance Fishing Apparel Is Important

Bronson Bonner

How often are you really thinking about the clothing you wear when you go fishing? Are you a T-shirt and shorts kind of guy? If you are wanting the maximum amount of flexibility, sun protection, durability and all around comfort, then you need to choose the right apparel.

UV Protection

The sun is the #1 enemy of the day time fisherman. If you are not properly protected from the sun you can get sun burns, skin cancer, and premature aging. You need performance apparel that has long sleeves, a hood and preferably thumb holes so that the sleeves come down over your hands. Look for something that is 30+ UPF rating and you will be well protected.

Quick Dry and Anti-Odor

Nobody likes to be drenched when they are fishing. It may be a relief for a little bit on those hot days on the water, but you need that water to dry fairly quickly. This is where a quality material come into play. With SHOAL's The Worlds Most Comfortable Fishing Shirt you can rest assured that the high performance bamboo material will make for ultra fast drying without feeling like you are wearing plastic clothing and also keeping you smelling fresh since bamboo is naturally anti-odor.


Being comfortable is crucial when it comes to spending a day out on the water. You need apparel that will allow maximum movement and flexibility when making hundreds of casts a day. You need apparel that allows a large range of motion in the shoulders, arms, chest and midsection. We kept all of this in mind when creating SHOAL. We have incorporated spandex in the shirts so that they have a wide range of stretch so you never feel constricted.

Sustainability and Environmentally Friendly 

Most fishing apparel brands use a high amount of polyester in their gear. This is a fancy word for plastic. The world is starting to get away from the use of plastics in clothing as studies have shown it can be terrible for those with sensitive skin and it's detrimental for our environment. It's estimated that over 60% of the plastic in our oceans comes from fishermen. By wearing naturally derived fishing apparel such as bamboo, not only are you wearing the most comfortable apparel that is on the market, but you are also taking a step in the right direction by choosing not to contribute to the plastic pollution that our planet is facing.


Why Choose SHOAL?

SHOAL, by definition means "A large group of fish, usually of different species swimming together." We take the idea of coming together and put it to good use by donating a portion of each sale towards reforestation through our partnership with One Tree Planted. One persons impact may be small but the impact of many is great! Together, we make a difference! If you are ready to fish in comfort, check out out Performance Bamboo Hoodie. It is for sure to keep you on the water longer!

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