Kayak Fishing....Why it's Bad Ass!

Kayak Fishing....Why it's Bad Ass!

Bronson Bonner

Kayak fishing has had a large spike in popularity over the last few years. While fishing from a motor boat will allow you to cover a much larger amount of water, kayaks get you in those sweet spots where others cannot go. In this blog, SHOAL looks into the benefits of taking a kayak into your fishing spots.

More Access

No need for a boat ramp when you have a kayak, simply pull up to the water and drag it out of the bed of your truck, or the top of your car! Cant do that with a Skeeter now can you?

You are also able to access more closed off spots. Have you ever been in your boat and you see a spot deep in the trees that you know holds the worlds largest bass, but you just cant get to it? We all have. With a kayak you can just stroll on in as quiet as a mouse and pull her off of the cypress knees.

For a good quality kayak, check out the Pelican Catch 100 which is what I personally use. I have found it to be very maneuverable and versatile.


Wallet Friendly

We all know how expensive a motor boat can be. From up front cost of the actual boat, to fuel and maintenance. Its can get very expensive. We all know what B.O.A.T stands for. "Bust Out Another Thousand". With a Kayak, all you need is a few hundred dollars and some man power.

Become A Better Fisherman

When fishing from a kayak, you no longer have the luxury of moving from spot to spot and finding that honey hole 3 miles down the lake. No, you have to figure out what you have where you are. We all see those guys that come into a spot and wet their line 3 times before moving. This is no way to become a better fisherman. Fish out the area, then paddle on down to the next one.



Kayaks are quiet

We all love to catch fish, and while being a quiet vessel on the water will allow for us to sneak up on more fish and catch them, being in a virtually silent kayak help you connect to nature. We all love being out in nature, what better way to experience it than close to the water listening to the sound of the water and wildlife?

At the end of the day, we all have one goal in mind, and thats to get out in nature and fish. So no matter what your are using. Get out there and enjoy every damn second of it!

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  • Susan said:

    Glad I saw your post and found your brand. My husband has the same yak. Prefers paddle and honestly kayak bass fishing has been the best thing for our marriage in decades LOL. I love that he loves it. It gives him his own time and me too 😀. You don’t have to spend a ton of money if you just like the simplicity of it. Peace and quiet on our beautiful planet. What better way to deal with this pandemic too

    December 13, 2021

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